House Music Lives!

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The Collective Minds Festival is community funded through donations and fundraising.

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The House Music


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Blacks in Wax Museum


Enoch Pratt Library

Urban League

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Collective Minds: 

We are Ad Hoc group of House Music Lovers, Fans, Producers, Performers, Dancers, DJs, Club essence, ANYONE and EVERYONE who is involved with House Music in any way shape or form.

We have thrown a yearly picnic beginning in 2002, that has grown into a Festival. We are getting ready to have our 14th Annual event on Sunday, September 3, 2017.

Please feel free to come join us starting at Noon and going all the way to 7:00 PM.

What We Offer:

Very simply, the opportunity to hear, live, love, and promote House Music.

What We Ask:

We will ask for nothing more than you are able to give, and will not settle for anything less! Each as their blessing allows.

  • To those who have a voice - sing for us
  • To those whose purse strings allow - donate to us
  • To those with talent - perform for us
  • To those with skill - lends us your hands
  • To those with time - just a few minutes please

We can all give something

Board of Directors


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                         Director of Culteral Arts      Chief of Technology